Where is Serpent based?
We started in Orlando Florida, and recently moved to tech capital San Francisco, CA.
Is Serpent on social media?
Yes! We have an Instagram account and a Facebook Page.
What is the best way to contact Serpent?
You can reach us through our Contact Page. If you have a service or support inquiry, email us at [email protected]


Where are the boards and parts made?
All of our boards and parts are designed and assembled in California, USA.
What kind of warranty/support is there?
All Serpent Board products come with a one year full repair/replacement warranty against manufacturing defects.
What kind of support is offered outside of the warranty service?
After the one year warranty period or after damage as the result of abuse, we will repair or replace the damaged product for the cost of the components.
What is the refund policy?
We have a 30-day money back guarantee on all our products.

The Board

How powerful is the board?
Our current prototype board can deliver 1800 watts per motor continuously for a total power of 7200 watts continuously.
How long will the board go on a single charge?
In real world testing, we've seen the prototype board get 10-15 miles range per charge.
How long does the board take to charge?
Our prototype board takes about 2 hours to fully charge from 0% to 100%.
What is the lifetime of the batteries?
The battery cells have a rated cycle life of over 1000 cycles before noticeable capacity depreciation. That is 2-3 years plus of riding every day.
What deck is the board built around?
Our most recent prototype board is built around our own custom flexible bamboo/fiberglass deck that we press in house.
Can the wheels be swapped?
Yes! We currently have pulleys compatible with Genuine ABEC FlyWheels and ABEC Clone FlyWheels. We also plan to have support for Orangatang Kegel wheels in the future.
Can the Speed/Torque of the board be adjusted?
Yes! In addition to the five riding modes, we offer 30t and 36t pulleys for our drivetrains. Using them in different combinations with different diameter wheels will adjust speed and torque characteristics of the board.
Can the board be kicked like a normal longboard?
Yes! The board rolls like a normal longboard but with a bit of resistance from the drivetrain.

The Fang Remote

When can I pre-order a remote?
Our remote is currently in the prototype phase. We are aiming to have testing finished by early 2021 and pre-orders to start shortly thereafter.
What motor controllers can the remote be used with?
The remote is designed to run with the VESC™ motor controller and it will be compatible with both VESC™ 4 and VESC™ 6 hardware.
How does the remote talk to VESC™?
The remote communicates over Bluetooth™ 5.0 to a receiver that plugs into CAN bus on the VESC™. This receiver will also be compatible with phone applications in the future.

The Light

How can I get a Serpent Light?
The lights will be standard on all our boards and will also be available for individual purchase.
How bright is the serpent light?
The light runs with a normal continuous output of 500 lumens. However, it is capable of over 1000 lumens with a high current power source.
What versions are offered?
There are two versions of the light. One with a battery riser assembly for boards without an accessable electronics system, and one with an adapter to interface with a DIY electronics system.
How long does the battery riser version last on a charge?
In our testing, the light will run at full brightness for just over an hour and low brightness for about two hours.
How long does the battery riser version take to charge?
The battery takes about five hours to charge from empty to full.
What boards can the light be mounted on?
The light itself can be mounted on any board. It works best when paired with a 1/2 inch thick riser. In the case of a drop through deck, it can be mounted on top of the truck.